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 The Story of Otto Step

We have always had large dogs as household pets. They are part of our family.
When we got our dog Otto, we purchased an SUV shortly afterwards.

Otto was unable to jump up in the back of our SUV, so Tim developed a step that fit into our 2” trailer hitch receiver.

When we showed our Veterinarian how easy it was for Otto to step into the cargo area of our SUV, he pointed out that there is a double benefit, not only are we making it easier for our pets to travel in our vehicles, but we are protecting their joints from the possibilities of injuries from jumping down from a height of almost 3 feet.

Most people who do have larger dogs, and do take them with them in their vehicles, usually aren’t aware of the injuries they could be causing until the dog gets a little older. At that time, they either have to help lift them into the back of their SUVs or the pets need to be kenneled or just stay home. Teaching our dogs at a younger age will help protect their joints from early injuries that seem to appear later in life.

Another problem with this scenario is our own health issues, injuries to our backs when trying to help our dogs into these high SUVs.
Thus, Otto Step. We have been able to engineer a step that is not only affordable, but durable, strong and light weight. It is completely portable, so you can take it with you in your SUV very easily and store it in your garage by just hanging it on a nail or peg.

We feel Otto Step will be beneficial to both pet owners and their faithful companion and feel great about offering such a quality product.