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Thank you for our Otto Step Hitch!! We received it on Monday. As soon as I took it out of the box I put it into the hitch, issued the "step up "command to Alvin, and up he went!!  Then as pretty as you please, back down, using the step. He was so proud of himself!!
We were proud of him!

Thank you so much! Problem solved!!
                                                     Debbie Bolin


Ben and Birdie love the Otto Step! As promised it is light weight and easy to use. We are delighted with this awesome product! Our dogs' well-being is important to us.

The Otto Step is a great solution to protecting their joints. It was simple introducing our dogs to this product and they adjusted easily.
The customer service is exceptional.

Thanks, Deb!                                          

                                                      Pat Robinson Trapp


Our 20-month-old Irish Wolfhound, Ocho, loves his Otto Step. We love it, too. We were shopping for a ramp when we stumbled across Otto Step on the internet. The ramps were so big and bulky. There wouldn't have been much room for Ocho after we loaded up a ramp, too. We were glad to find something small and lightweight that was sturdy enough to handle a big dog.
It makes it so easy for Ocho to get in and out of our vehicle, and it helps reduce stress on his legs and joints, not to mention our backs! We bought it when Ocho was about a year old. There was never a problem with him using it to get out of the car, but it took him a while to figure out the technique for getting in. He would put his front feet up without any problem. We had to pick a back leg up and put it on the step for him and then he would push himself up. He caught on pretty quickly after that. Now, even our smaller dogs think it's fun to use, so we don't have to pick any of them up anymore to go for a ride.
George and Katherine Cox
Harlingen, Texas

Just wanted to say thanks for the Otto Step. This is such a great design. With the way my Jeep is configured, there is only a small opening to the back. The Otto Step makes it so much easier for Dougal to get in and out without hurting himself. And when I'm not using it, it stows in the back with some elastic cords.
Here's a VIDEO of Dougal using it for the first time:
Thanks again for such a great product!
                                  Jon Zaremba
                                      Ogden, UT


Hey Deb,
I got both trailer hitch installed and the Otto Step - it is going to be great! As usual the 2 smaller dogs picked up right away and is taking little more work with dane because he thinks he can just jump in. Using some treats works best and really have just had couple chances to try out but will keep working and expecting great success.
Thank you again for your wonderful idea and sharing with the rest of us!
                                     - Jackie Britcher
Dear Otto Step,
We got our deliver today.
What a great product. The dog loves it. It is sturdy and well made.
It is not only made in the USA, but from Oregon!! How great is that?
Thanks for the fast shipping, we will tell our friends.
                                 - Ron & Teiri Freborg

Having traveled many thousands of miles around the country with our golden retrievers, we are so happy to have come across the Otto Step. It's the best pet step or ramp system we've seen ó it's so lightweight, easy to use, and can be stowed away in seconds. Best of all, the Otto Step makes it easy for our dogs to safely climb in and out of our SUV.... no more worrying about them potentially injuring themselves by leaping out of our SUV's cargo area or trying to scramble back into it.            - Robert Habgood, co-author "Pets On The Go" travel series  and founder


I just got my Otto Step in the mail and tried it out on the dogs right away. They (11 mo old yellow lab, and 4 yr old A. Malamute) took to it immediately!! Well, OK, the very timid Mal (only when it comes to odd obstacles) took to it in a minute and a half.
Canít thank you enough for the great service and saving me tons of $$$ in avoiding the purchase of a similar product. Yours is soo much better!

I hope your business does very well! Be sure you get to the dog shows with this step!   Cheers!                - Toni Erickson


We bought this step over a year ago and it is working fantastic! It took just a little bit of training for Nitty, our golden retriever, to pick up on it. I think now she wishes there was a step to get in the bed at night.

Thanks for an awesome product.

                                       Bob & Michelle

Thank you again for your assistance on the phone this evening.  I look forward to receiving the drop-down for our Otto-Step. 
Here is a photo our sweet Bernese Mountain Dog, Remy!  She is very appreciative of your products. 
Have a great weekend!

                                        Carl Olson
                                        Breckenridge, CO



"Thank you!!
Seems to be working out just fine  :) :)"
           Thanks from Jen & Bernie

    A family dog, using his favorite Otto Step


My wife and I have always had large breed dogs and currently have a Rottweiler, 7 years, and a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy (82lbs), 10 months old. We invested in a dog ramp for our SUV and pick up. The ramp actually hurts my wifeís back having had back surgery 15 years ago.
I searched the internet a few months ago for a better solution and came upon the Otto Step.

We ordered one and the extension for pick ups. I canít tell you what a godsend this is! But you know that. A simple, easy, practical tool for any dog loving household. Why no one thought of this years ago I donít know.

Thank you for the Otto Step! We live in Southern California and would love to see your product marketed out here. There are many people who would benefit from it. If I can be any help to you in building the market here please let me know. I would love to help. We are involved with local trainers and are working with our Hannah, the Bernese, to become a Therapy Dog, then onto Agility and Obedience trials. Exposure to the Otto Step in these circles, I think, would create quite a stir.

Again, Thanks for your wonderful product! 

Steve Maggard
Area Account Manager
CoinCo/Royal Vendors


Excerpt from Kim at

A few weeks ago I heard about a wonderful product called the Otto Step.  Primarily designed for an SUV or minivan, the Otto Step did offer an extension for pick up trucks. Though I would never allow Ben to ride in the back of the truck on an open highway, I find it impossible to deny him a pleasure that brings more joy to his life than even the most savory of dog treats.

I ordered the Otto Step and within minutes of the Fed Ex truck exiting my driveway I had easily attached it to the back of my truck and called Ben over for a test-ride.  His first instinct was to put his paws up on the tailgate, but a quick pat on the Otto Step sent him a message to give it a try.  He stepped up on the Otto Step, and then onto the tailgate, and quickly found his place against the bed of the truck, wiggling and yipping in anticipation of the ride down to the mailbox.  It took no coaxing at all to get him out of the truck, he stepped right onto the Otto Step, just as it was designed to be used, and landed safely on the ground without so much as a grunt from him, or from me....
                                                                   READ THE ENTIRE LETTER about the story of "Gentle Ben"

I had the step installed on our cargo van and it works beautifully. Our mechanic mounted a receiver onto the chassis under the side door of the van - thus insuring that as our older dogs age they will also be able to use the step. We need to extend it out a tad bit so that the step is fully out from under the van. Making it much safer for use by all our dogs. I also just love the width of the step as our 3-legged Kelpie needs the extra space because her missing leg is a back leg. The second step works great on our Jeep for all of our dogs to use. Thank you so much for making the product that will give our special dogs the independence to safely get in and out of the vehicles we have for them.  - Ruth A Dettloff
To whom it may concern:
Thank you SO VERY much for your generous donation for the Newf-Net Get-Together hosted by Rhonda Brunning. We won your Otto Step at the Rescue auction and we are so pleased with it! We had purchased a foldable ramp but after we used it a few times, discovered that it was heavy, bulky, and a pain to store. It got returned as soon as we got back. Your Otto Step works perfectly and is super-convenient. We had a wonderful time at our yearly get-together and winning your product made it even more special, especially since it helped Rescue (we have just acquired our fourth Rescue Newf).
I promise to recommend the Otto Step any chance I have...

Thank you again -
Diane and Barry Shumake
I just wanted to let you know that we received the Otto Step, and to tell you thank you for the fast shipping and for making such a great product. Iíve always had a car and just recently bought an SUV. My golden retriever will not jump up on anything and refused to get into the back of the SUV.

After looking at ramps I decided that was not what I wanted to deal with. Then I found your website, and this is the greatest and easiest thing I have ever seen. I didnít even have to try to teach her to use it. Just took her to the back and she stepped right up and into the SUV.

Thank you again, Iím letting everyone at the dog park know where I got itÖ

Maribeth Stolle
Round Rock, Texas
Dear OttoStep!

I just wanted to let you know that the OttoStep is THE Solution to my doghauling dilemma.

We have never had a dog before (we're cat people). Then along came Riley, a beagle mix rescue. Two months later, here comes Steppy, a puppy given to us by the neighbors. He would grow into a 100 pound Malamute/Husky mix. Not wanting a dog on a rope, these poochies would go to training class in the back seat of a Chevy Lumina. Hair, hair everywhere. Then next thing you know, here comes Berrin, a very large German Shepherd rescue. He gets to go to training class also, and also in the back seat of a Chevy Lumina. It was comical, all three dogs in the back seat.

With dogs, you need a dog sitter from time to time. The lady that we absolutely adore who watches our poochies lives high up in the mountains on a gravel road. Three dogs, little car, long mountain road. This was not a good mix.

So we bought our dogs a 4x4 Chevy Crew Cab Pick-Up and put on a truck cap so the dogs could ride in the back. We then had to buy a ramp to get them into the truck. The angle was so great that it was difficult for the dogs to get in and out. The Beagle did OK, the Husky would just jump in, but the poor Shepherd always fell off or slid down and burned his foot pads. He has hip dysplasia in one hip and has degenerate spine disease in several vertebrae. It was always a fiasco to get these dogs in and out of the truck. It became so frustrating for us and dangerous for the dogs. We absolutely dreaded taking our dogs anywhere.

Then the newspaper came with a pet article that talked about the OttoStep. I figured it was worth the money just to try it, it had to be a better idea.

And a better idea it was indeed! It only took a second to attach the OttoStep and only took a second for the Husky to be in the truck. The Beagle got a little training as he was apprehensive the first time to get out. Then in and out he went. And the Shepherd is now able to get in and out without any of our assistance! They now take turns getting in and out. It now only takes a few seconds, with no more frustration what-so-ever and is so much safer for our boys.

Our dog sitter was very interested in the OttoStep, she noticed right away how easy it was for the dogs. So we gave her your information and she has passed it on to her other boarders.

Thank you for your creation. It makes life so much easier!!

Jerry and Roz
oh, and Steppy, Berrin and Riley, too!
Front Royal, VA
Hi Tim & Deb,

Otto Step works great! Its lightweight, sturdy design allows for quick set-up and removal.
Otto Step is easy for Bear to use and for us to take along on trips. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!"

Thank you,
Jamie Beilfuss


Last year I was looking everywhere for a better method of getting my nine year old Newfie into the back of my 4WD than the traditional ramp. The problem with a ramp is that apart from being heavy and cumbersome, once all the dogs are in the car there is nowhere to store it!
After searching Australia wide and failing to find anything I searched Google and came up with the Otto Step!
I was concerned at first as to whether the Otto Step would fit the towbar connections in this country but Debra was more than helpful with providing me with all the information I needed and we emailed back and forth for a while and also spoke on the phone. I managed to make sure it was daytime in the US and not the middle of the night!!
I decided to take the plunge and order an Otto Step and it is honestly one of the best things Iíve done.
I have a Nissan X-Trail itís the 4WD down from the Pathfinder but I donít think the new model has been released in the US. The beauty of the new X-Trail is that the tailgate has been lowered and there is a reinforced false floor with drawers in for storage. I opted to only have one drawer as the space on the left hand side is the perfect size for storing the Otto Step under the floor, out of sight and easy to access with a car full of dogs!
Sophie, my elderly Newfie, finds the Otto Step very easy to use and wonít get out of the car now unless itís in place!
Iím able to put the Otto Step in place with one hand whilst holding anything up to eight dog leads in the other hand.
I canít recommend the Otto Step highly enough. It was more than worth the freight to get it to Australia and I only wish Iíd known about it sooner.
Well done Debra, the Otto Step is a fantastic product and Iím happy to talk to anyone about it!